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Pro Tip: Don’t Clean Carpets With Soap

Aug 29, 2023 | Carpet Cleaning | 0 comments

Soap is often linked with cleaning. It’s used for washing clothes, cars, bedding, dishes, flatware, and personal hygiene. Given its widespread use, it might seem reasonable to use soap for carpet cleaning. However, this assumption is incorrect.


So, why is soap so detrimental to carpets?


Soap is a highly effective cleaner due to its ability to create a lather that attracts dirt and bacteria, removing them from various surfaces. When using soap, you rinse away the lather, along with the accumulated germs and bacteria, down the drain or during the rinse cycle for clothing.


However, when it comes to carpet cleaning, the situation is different. Carpets don’t have drains. This makes it challenging to remove soap and the dirt it has gathered effectively. This is why using soap to clean carpets can cause problems.


It’s extremely difficult to get soap out of carpets. To remove it, you must keep rinsing the soapy spots with water. But doing this often just brings back more soapy bubbles.


In many cases, professional steam cleaning services tend to leave soap residues trapped in the carpet, with no drain for it to escape. As a result, the soap pools together, and when new dirt and particles come into contact with the carpet, it leads to instant resoiling. This rapid resoiling makes your carpet appear dirty again very quickly.



It’s helpful to compare Nova Clean Chem-Dry’s professional carpet cleaning service (pictured above) to a typical steam cleaning service. As you can see, we don’t use soaps or detergents that would dirty your carpet. Our Hot Cabonating Extraction process utilizes the power of carbonation for a greener, healther cleaning method.


Our cleaning solution, The Natural®, works differently from soap. It doesn’t create lather; instead, it permeates the carpet, lifting deep germs and dirt to the surface. We then use powerful suction equipment to extract the contaminants from the carpet effectively.


We recommend you receive professional carpet cleaning services every 6 months. If you are DIY’ing some carpet cleaning in between professional visits, we highly recommend not to clean with soaps like Dawn or Dove or any other common soap brand.


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