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Wood floors are a beautiful addition to any room. Deep rich textures and colors add real appeal to your home and make the inevitable spill easier to clean up compared to carpeted areas. However, wood floors can be quite an investment and can show a lot of wear and tear from through traffic. Nova Clean Chem-Dry has worked to provide a specialized wood floor cleaning service in Chicago to revitalize the life of your wood flooring and help it remain durable and long-lasting. Not only do we work hard to provide services that will keep your home healthy but that will provide noticeable lasting results. We can remove the haze on your wood floors!

Nova Clean Chem-Dry services Chicago, Park Ridge, Palatine, Buffalo Grove, Long Grove, Inverness, Barrington, Kildeer, and Highland Park, IL.

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What’s in the Grain of Your Wood Floor?

Have you ever thought about what could be lurking in your wood floors? The small cracks and crevices in the wood can be a breeding ground for dirt, grime, and allergens. Our wood floor cleaning solution targets these unwanted particles at the source, leaving your floors looking like new. At Nova Clean Chem-Dry, we understand that wood floors are a significant investment in your home, which is why we only send our most highly trained and knowledgeable technicians to assess the damage to your floors. We’ll walk you through our process step by step, ensuring that you are satisfied with the results that you and your family will love. 

Industry-Leading Step By Step Process

1. Thorough Inspection & Removal of Imperfections

Our certified technician will inspect the condition of your floor, including scratches and blemishes.

Our process is not recommended for floors with deep scratches, blemishes discoloration, staining or bare wood floors.

2. Deep Cleaning With Our Wood Floor Machine

A technician will tape off the surrounding area so as not to ruin appliances or cabinetry. They will then begin the process of cleaning the wood floors with our specially formulated, green-certified cleaner. This will remove dirt, debris, and contaminants leaving your floors healthier and streak-free.

3. Hardwood Floor Polish

Once the floor has been cleaned a polish is then applied. Our polish provides a beautiful shine and a protective layer to prevent future damage to the surface of the floor. Your choice of a matte finish or gloss finish.

Gloss, Shine, Polish

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Matte Finish

matte finish chicago il
matte hardwood floor finish chicago il
chicago il matte finish hardwood floor

Why Have Nova Clean Chem-Dry Clean Your Wood Floors?

Our industry-leading equipment and solutions provide a deeper clean that far surpasses traditional mopping. Because of our low-moisture cleaning technique, water damage will be prevented. When you’re thinking of mopping your floors again, remember Nova Clean Chem-Dry. We offer a professional deep-clean that removes dirt, grime, and allergens that are hiding in your floor. We serve Chicago and the suburbs including Park Ridge, Barrington, Kildeer, and Glencoe! Call to make an appointment today! (847) 903-7012

Deeper Clean

Our service removes dirt, grime, and allergens from deep in the grain of your floors. Rather than soaking your floors with water like you would with traditional mopping, we use minimal water and a powerful vacuum to extract leftover moisture, dirt and contaminants.


Our Green-Certified Solution works to clean floors while still being non-toxic and safe for children and pets. Our professional grade cleaning solution eliminates dust from deep in the wood grain to the surface of the floor leaving your home healthier and cleaner.


Our wood floor cleaning in Chicago provides a protective barrier and increases the life of your floors. Plus our industry-leading machine uses counter-rotating brushes to penetrate the wood grain without causing any harm to the surface of your floors for long-lasting results.


After ensuring your floors are cleaned from the inside out we will polish them off with our signature wood floor polisher. Our long-lasting polish leaves a protective barrier between your floors and feet and a beautiful shine that make them look like new.

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